API Represents America's Oil and Natural Gas Industry

As the primary trade association of the oil and natural gas industry, API represents nearly 600 members involved in all aspects of petroleum. Our association draws on the experience and expertise of our members and staff to support a strong and viable oil and natural gas industry.

  • 我们的工作是会员驱动的。我们为公司提供大而小的机会参与塑造API计划和政策优先事项。
  • We are a major research institute. API is committed to using the best available scientific, economic and legal analysis to guide and support our policy positions.
  • We give our industry a unified voice. API's expert staff participate actively in key policy-making forums, facilitating dialogue and producing effective solutions on issues important to all Americans.
  • Our organization is tailored to serve our members. API membership is divided by industry segments so companies can have direct input on the specific issues most important to them.
  • The oil and natural gas industry shares a keen interest in the policy issues arena. We are actively engaged with government leaders to ensure informed decision-making so the energy needs of tomorrow are met.
  • We are committed to safe and responsible operations and to continuously improving our safety and environmental performance through systems-based approaches, API’s world class standards and segment initiatives.


雷电竞网页版会员资格in API is open to corporations involved in the oil and natural gas industry or that support the industry.


  • 从事石油和天然气行业的公司符合API行业细分市场的标准,并在美国或加拿大或墨西哥注册成立,应符合会员资格。雷电竞网页版
  • 成员必须为他们拥有资产的所有行业段支付会费。
  • 石油和天然气行业的服务和供应公司在美国或加拿大或墨西哥以外的国家/地区的主要办事处可能会被API主席和财务主管或其指定者批准的成员国。雷电竞网页版


  1. The Upstream Segment对美国生产石油或天然气的公司开放(垂直综合公司可能是一个以上的API段)。
    • Focuses on upstream regulatory policy, legislative issues, and industry technical standards and recommended practices.
    • 强调努力确保以安全,高效和环境负责的方式进行运营。
  2. 天然气市场部门对美国生产石油或天然气的公司开放(垂直综合公司可能是一个以上的API段)。
    • Focuses on identifying policy opportunities and impediments to sustaining and growing demand for U.S. natural gas resources in targeted markets, advocating for legislative and regulatory policy and market designs that leverage the full value of natural gas.
    • Educates potential customers and decision makers on the abundance, reliability, affordability and environmental advantages of natural gas.
  3. The Midstream Segmentis open to companies gathering, processing, storing and transporting oil and natural gas in the United States (vertically integrated companies may be members of more than one API segment).
    • Develops policy positions for gathering, processing, storing and transportation and oversees the review of related federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
    • Identifies opportunities for technical studies and research to address issues related to development of U.S. infrastructure, use of equipment, development of operational procedures, and safety, health and environmental performance.
  4. The Downstream Segmentis open to companies that refine or market petroleum products in the United States (vertically integrated companies may be members of more than one API segment).
    • 提供关于立法和监管建议对下游行动的影响的指导,并提供有关相关问题的科学,经济,环境和风险分析信息。
    • 制定允许行业以最安全,高效和环保的方式为消费者提供产品的标准,做法和职位。
  5. 一般会员部门雷电竞网页版is open to service and supply companies that support the oil and natural gas industry, regardless of the industry segment served. Companies eligible for membership include:
    • Manufacturers of equipment unique to industry operations.
    • Companies that provide specific industry related services that support at least one of the other industry segments, such as drilling contractors.
    • Suppliers of feedstocks that are used in the in the making of petroleum products, including lubricants.
    • Consulting firms with expertise unique to the industry.

If your organization is ready to apply for membership, please use our在线申请表, ordownload the application form(在Internet Explorer或Google Chrome中浏览最好)并将其传真在202.682.8223(此号码在表格上)。

For more information about eligibility, please read our Frequently Asked Questions. Please e-mail us atmembership@api.org

API membership gives you:

  • The opportunity to work with all of industry in support of a strong, viable U.S. oil and natural gas industry, and the ability to shape industry positions through our one-company-one-vote committees.
  • Representation before key legislative and regulatory bodies.
  • API的尊敬的研究能力 - 我们的行业有一种有效的声音,塑造了对您的业务至关重要的政策。
  • API技术人员的公司支持支持。
  • Stewardship of our industry's reputation through credible public communications, and our widely recognized standards development and certification programs.
  • Access to API conferences, symposia and training programs where you can exchange information, learn from the experiences of industry peers and develop critical skills.
  • 出席API的年度会员年会
  • 30 percent discount on API standards, available in print or PDF via authorized distributors
  • Leadership opportunities on API standards committees
  • Member link on our website
  • 10% advertising discount for members onAPI SmartBriefe-newsletter

To better serve our member companies, API divides its membership by industry segments. Member committees meet annually to develop consensus priorities for API's research and advocacy programs. Our staff then works to develop the research tools and advocacy strategies to achieve the membership's goals.

Together, we're advancing the interests of the industry while working to earn the trust of our customers.

API chapters promote fellowship and professional development of their members through the exchange of operational experience, operations oriented meeting programs, and a variety of educational, industry service and community service projects.

See:API Chapter Locations and Contact Information

These efforts promote a professional and civic minded industry image in chapter communities. The chapters are non-commercial, non-discriminatory, and do not endorse or financially support political parties or candidates. To avoid inadvertent conflicts, the chapters do not independently develop or promote positions on public issues, but often provide forums for discussion of such issues.


There are more than 30 active API chapters with 9,412 members in 12 states. Most meet monthly or quarterly. Their scholarships, donations and service projects typically total $200,000 to $300,000 annually.

Chapter Membership and Organization

雷电竞网页版会员资格is open to anyone engaged in the petroleum or an allied industry. Many chapters also offer associate membership to anyone having interest in these industries.

Chapter membership does not require or constitute national API corporate or individual membership, and there are no national dues.

Each chapter is a separate and totally self supporting legal entity, elects its own officers and establishes its own programs and dues consistent with its local constitution and bylaws, and applicable API policies and federal, state and local laws.

Meeting Programs

Most programs stress practical field applications of industry technology, practices, trends, and issues. Occasional general programs promote broader interest (e.g., local history, community projects, or facilities).


Most chapters emphasize scholarships. Many also support college grants and petroleum technology courses. They also may sponsor occasional seminars for industry, or industry information programs for their communities.

Community Service


Fellowship and Fund-raisers

Most chapters hold one or more social functions each year to involve families and friends (e.g., spouse’s night or a picnic). Most also hold an annual golf tournament, fish fry, or similar event as a membership development tool and fundraiser for scholarships and donations.

Join Our State Government Relations Program

One of the unique and critical strengths of API is our ability to provide our members with nationwide state and local support on the issues that matter to our industry.

Our program is a region-based approach that leverages our headquarters staff, eight field offices and our allied oil and gas associations across all 50 states. Our staff is comprised of respected, seasoned professionals with advocacy experience in legislative and regulatory issues and with the relationships that get our voice heard.


有关加入国家政府关系计划的更多信息,请发送电子邮件给membership@api.org。注意,企业会员是再保险API雷电竞网页版quired to join the State Program.

What are the qualifications for membership?

The API Bylaws set out these qualifications:




Do you offer an associate membership?

We only offer corporate membership to those companies involved in the oil and natural gas industry. There is no membership category for organizations outside of the industry.

I work for an oil company that is not located in North America and we would like to join API. Would we qualify?


Are government agencies eligible for membership?

We’re sorry but only companies engaged in the oil and natural gas industry that meet the criteria for one of the API industry segments and are incorporated in the United States or Canada or Mexico are eligible for membership.

是你niversities with programs or special interests in the oil and gas industry eligible for membership?

No, except for maritime academies, which are eligible for membership in the Marine Segment. However, we're certainly interested in working with you, even if you're not eligible for formal membership.

我公司位于北美以外的,布鲁里溃疡t we supply the oil and gas industry with products or services. Are we eligible for membership?

API Bylaws provide that service and supply companies in the oil and natural gas industry with their principal office in a country other than the United States, Canada or Mexico may be admitted to membership on approval by the API Chairman and Treasurer or their designee(s). If you think your company meets these qualifications, please apply.

My company provides management consulting services or financial consulting services to the oil and gas industry. Are we eligible for membership?

Companies that provide management consulting services or financial services are not eligible.

I am a member of the API chapter in my community but my company is not a member of API at the national level. Does this entitle me to any benefits at the national level?

No; membership in local chapters is for local activities only (we'd be happy to talk with your company about the benefits of membership. Just contact us atmembership@api.org).

My company provides management consulting services or financial consulting services to the oil and gas industry. Are we eligible for membership?

Companies that provide management consulting services or financial services are not eligible.

My company is a corporate member of API. When I buy publications or sign up for conferences, am I supposed to use a special number or other designation?



雷电竞网页版会员资格benefits are extended only to corporate members and their wholly owned subsidiaries. If you have a question about your company’s membership status, please contact us atmembership@api.org



How long does a membership application take to process?

We can extend benefits to you as soon as we receive the funds via check, credit card or wire, and your membership will be officially activated the day the check or wire clears the bank.


No, API has over 600 members involved in all aspects of the oil and gas industry, so the vast majority of our members are non-integrated oil and gas companies, pipeline companies, marine companies and their suppliers.

How much does a membership cost?

Oil and natural gas company dues are volumetrically based, so it depends on the size of the company and its involvement in the API segments.

Pipeline dues are based on total pipeline throughput in barrel-miles of crude oil, refined petroleum products, and other hazardous liquids as defined in 49 CFR part 195 for all pipeline systems owned or operated by your company (including subsidiaries).

Dues for service and supply members are based on sales to the U.S. petroleum industry, beginning at $1,600.

Is a list of your members available for purchase?

Sorry, we do not provide or sell our membership list. Many of our members, however, have links on our website. To visit them, please clickhere