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API Monogram&APIQR:咨询和更新



API provides courtesy Addenda and Errata documents for the API specifications that are part of the Monogram Program. You will also find copies here of notifications concerning program and specification updates.

Licensed and applicant organizations are required to maintain at least one copy of the most current edition of the English language version of the API Product Specification(s) under which it is licensed or seeking licensure. To purchase, visit theAPI Monogram Web Store

API Monogram & APIQR Program - General Updates

API Notifications

API 2W -Steel板材通过热机械控制处理用于海上结构

API 5CRA - Corrosion Resistant Alloy Seamless Tubes for Use as…

API 5LD - CRA包层或衬里钢管

API 10D - Specification for Bow-string Casing Centralizers

Addenda & Errata

    API Notifications

    API 11AX - 地下吸盘杆泵组件,组件和配件

    API 11B - Sucker Rods, Polished Rods and Liners, Couplings, Sinker Bars…

    API 12B - 用于储存生产液体的螺栓罐

    API 12D - 用于储存生产液体的现场焊接罐规范

    API 12F -Shop焊接罐,用于储存生产液体

    API 12P - Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks

    API 14L -LOCK心轴和着陆乳头

    API 15LR - Specification for Low Pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe

    API 15S - 可旋芯加强塑料线管

    API 16D - Control Systems for Drilling Well Control Equipment and Control Systems for Diverter Equipment

    API 17K-Specification适用于粘合柔性管

    API 20F - Corrosion-resistant Bolting for Use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

    API 547 - General Purpose Form-wound Squirrel Cage Induction Motors—185 kW (250 hp) through 2240 kW (3000 hp)

    API 594 - Check Valves

    API 600 - 钢门阀门 - 法兰和对接焊接端,螺栓骨架

    API 602 - 门,全球和尺寸DN 100(NPS 4)和更小的校准阀。

      Addenda & Errata

    API Notifications

    API 603 - Corrosion-Resistant, Bolted Bonnet Gate Valves-Flanged and…

    API 608 -Metal Ball Valves-Flanged, Threaded, and Welding Ends

      Addenda & Errata

    API Notifications

    Advisory #1:关于与第三方的通信的API程序,2016年6月2日|Mandarin (中文)

    Advisory #3管理代表的认可与权威,2020年12月15日Mandarin(中文) |Spanish|Portuguese

    Advisory #62012年11月23日API Monogram计划下的设计与开发排除

    咨询#7:API MONICH许可证的行为准则,APIQR认证组织和计划申请人,2016年4月13日|Mandarin (中文)

    Advisory #9:Recognition and Authority of Published Standards, November 8, 2016

    咨询#10:2020年12月15日API发票的发票和付款条件Mandarin (中文)|Spanish|Portuguese

    咨询#11:API 2018年5月7日的API MONICH制造要求,制造能力和更新的许可协议