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API Monogram&APIQR:应用,续订,修改



Apply for API Monogram Licenses & APIQR Certificates of Registration

您可以申请API Monogram许可证或APIQR注册证书myCerts在线门户网站。

进一步的项目从需求的信息ents can be found in theAPI MONICH许可计划要求APIQR注册计划要求documents, including prerequisites for applying to the programs.


Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by an API Associate. During that process you may receive follow-up questions that need to be resolved within 1 year of the date of submission, or the application will be withdrawn. After your application is accepted,an initial auditwill be scheduled to confirm that your organization meets all of the requirements of the License or Registration for which you are applying.


API Monogram Licenses and APIQR Certificates of Registration require a Renewal Application every three (3) years. Applications must be completed on themyCerts在线门户网站,可以在您到期日前9个月提交。API鼓励组织提前提前提交,以允许足够的时间进行申请审查,审计和审计审查,这通常需要4至6个月。


    Make Changes to an Existing Monogram License

    Products for existing Monogram Licenses can be added, removed or changed in your online Renewal application inmyCerts.

    当请求更改更改续订应用程序之间的许可范围时,请填写API MONICH / APIQR联系表格. Please include the following information:

    • 您的设施名称和ID
    • The Monogram License that you want to amend.
    • A许可信息形式对于每次进行修订。这些形式提供了可以为每个单元规范/标准许可的特定产品,并将帮助您的组织确定API Monogram许可证的最佳范围。

    Adding Products to Your Monogram License




    If you are applying for an Alternative API Monogram Marking Agreement (AMA) as part of a new license application, you can complete the application online inmyCerts.

    要将AMA添加到现有的符合条件的单元许可证,请填写Alternative Marking Program Requirements and License Agreement和fill out theAPI MONICH / APIQR联系表格.

    For more information about whether an AMA is applicable to your organization, please contact aWorldwide Representative.


    对于设施名称更改和位置更改请求,请通过以下方式选择认证查询API Monogram / APIQR表单并上传以下必填表格:

    API Monogram许可证和APIQR Management System注册是不可转换的。

    API Payment Policy

    1. 在收到和应用付款之前,将不会处理应用程序。
    2. All payments need to be made in United States currency and checks drawn from a U.S. bank. Applicants are responsible for all taxes, banking and other service fees, including all applicable withholding taxes.
    3. Please include invoice number with all payments
    4. 邮件检查到:API,P.O.Box 1425,Merrifield,VA 22116-1425美国
    5. Send checks by courier services to: API, Attn: Financial Operations Department, 200 Massachusetts Ave NW Suite 1100 Washington, D.C. 20001-5571 USA
    6. When paying by electronic/wire transfer:
      • Applicants are responsible for all electronic transfer and banking fees.
      • 为未在美国银行绘制的电子付款增加50.00美元的汇票费用。
      • 参考在线申请中找到的发票编号。
      • 发送资金到:TD Bank,1919 Gallows Rd Vienna,VA 22182 USA / ABA路由#031101266(电线)信用对美国石油研究所,账户#4251303172,swift:nrthus33

    咨询#10: Invoicing and Payment Terms for API Invoices, dated December 15, 2019.