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离岸安全和Technology Standards


Delivering offshore energy to the American people is safer than ever as a result of industry's leadership and continuous investments in safety, as evident in API'srobust slate of offshore standards,Center for Offshore Safety,海洋井遏制公司HWCG., and an enhanced regulatory regime. Extensive resources have been devoted to safety, drawing on the best minds from the industry and government to build a multi-layer system, with many built-in redundancies to help prevent incidents, to intervene and stop a release that might occur, and to manage and clean up spills.

There are 3 critical aspects to this network of safety for offshore operations:

  1. 通过行业标准,通过创建近海安全中心促进强大的安全和环境管理系统
  2. New, innovative well containment and intervention capabilities
  3. Improved planning and resources for oil spill response