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The link between hydraulic fracturing and U.S. global leadership in oil and natural gas production is direct: Without fracking, there’d be no American energy renaissance – or the array of benefits it is providing to our economy, to individual households, U.S. manufacturers and other businesses. Modern hydraulic fracturing –褶皱已经在商业上使用了几十年– is the technological engine behind surging U.S. oil and natural gas output. According to the U.S. Energy Department, up to今天钻出的95%的新井是液压裂缝根据2018年的环境影响评估的说法,这是美国总共有三分之二的天然气生产and about美国原油生产的一半

Modern hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drillingallow multiple wells to be drilled from one spot,reducing the size of the drilling area above groundby as much as90 percent。Fracking是解锁庞大的美国页岩资源的关键,释放以前无法进入的石油和天然气protecting groundwater supplies and the environment.美国的页岩能源革命是私人资金和技术驱动的。It’s also an economic dynamoFor example, shale natural gas and oil projects in just one region, the Marcellus shale, were responsible formore than 72 million man hours of direct and indirect labor construction hours从2008年到2014年上半年。通过帮助降低电力和材料成本,以及刺激服务和供应公司等各种业务的经济活动,Fracking在一场挣扎的经济中支持增长。

Hydraulic fracturing is modern technology, safely and responsibly developing vast reserves of oil and natural gas from shale and other tight-rock formations. It’s the backbone of an energy renaissance that’s making the U.S. more prosperous and safer in the world today. The combination of industry standards, best practices and effective state and federal regulation is protecting communities and the environment – while making available increasing volumes of cleaner-burning natural gas that is allowing the U.S. to lead the world in reducing carbon emissions from electricity generation.