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Rail Safety

在与铁路行业协调,API创建了一个safety awareness coursefor first responders. The course, which is offered through TRANSCAER® (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response) and can be reviewed online or presented in person by a TRANSCAER® approved instructor, is meant to provide information first responders need to know before approaching an incident involving crude by rail. While crude oil is a flammable liquid and should be treated as such during a response, the growth in crude oil by rail has raised concerns about how first responders can be better prepared if an incident occurs. The TRANSCAER® Crude by Rail Safety Course seeks to assist in preparation by describing the characteristics of crude oil and the rail cars in which is it shipped. It also provides the Rescue, Exposures, Confinement, Extinguishment, Overhaul and Salvage (RECEOS) strategies if crude oil is present, firefighting and spill response considerations, and guidelines for structured incident management. This course has been designed for first responders with basic fire-fighting training and is offered free of charge. The TRANSCAER®websiteprovides a calendar list of course offerings. Learn more about the safety course这里.

In 2014, API publishedRecommended Practice (RP) 3000用于测试,运输分类和原油装入铁路坦克汽车的测量。标准的发展是API正在进行的持续工作,以加强整个石油和天然气行业的安全,RP 3000提供了关于轨道送货原油的许多重要方面的指导。查找有关RP 3000的其他信息这里.