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Industry Sustainability Reporting

Oil and gas industry guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting.

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Industry Wide Surveys and Reports

Industry-wide survey services start with survey design and include mailing, compiling data, developing estimation methodology, and continue all the way to a report summarizing and explaining results.

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环境al Expenditures Survey

Expenditures covered in this report are those related to the prevention, control, abatement or elimination of environmental pollution by the U.S. oil and natural gas industry in the United States and its territories. Interested in this report or more information, contact Weixiao Dai

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API Toxics发布库存(TRI)报告

API Toxics发布库存(TRI)报告将估计的有毒化学品释放到环境中或在石油设施的废物中处理和/或转移现场。

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