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Other Air Standards

还有其他要求和与清洁空气有关的问题。包括标准空气污染物的新来源性能标准(NSP)。该NSP适用于新的和修改的静止源。实施NAAQS EPA对各国的要求;EPA评论和批准这些国家实施计划(SIPS)。

New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)

EPA has issued New Source Performance Standards for over 70 specific source categories. These source-based standards apply to new and modified facilities. Example source categories subject to NSPS are petroleum refineries, equipment leaks of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and many combustion sources. NSPS are incorporated into the facility's operating permit.

State Implementation Plans (SIPs)

The SIPs are used by each state to implement, maintain, and enforce the NAAQS. Regions that have failed to meet the NAAQS for one or more criteria pollutants are designated as nonattainment areas. For ozone, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter nonattainment areas, the 1990 CAA Amendments set new, detailed requirements for controlling emissions based on the seriousness of the attainment problem in a specific area. For example, five categories of ozone nonattainment areas are established ranging from "marginal" to "extreme". Dates for achieving attainment are also provided. Various sanctions for not achieving attainment by the scheduled date are included in the amendments.