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The Natural Gas and Oil Industry's Commitment to Sustainability

For the natural gas and oil industry, the drive for more sustainable operations means developing new standards, innovative technologies and partnerships to accelerate safe, cleaner, affordable energy solutions for today and tomorrow.

America’s natural gas and oil companies are mindful of the responsibilities associated with delivering the energy that’s fundamental to the lives we want to live – while doing it in ways that protect the environment, lower emissions and reduce the risks of climate change.

Companies are committed to continuous improvement and innovation to advance sustainability – specifically, on environmental, social and corporate governance issues (ESG). This means focusing operations and community engagements in ways that can support progress toward achieving theUN 17 Sustainability Development Goals, including affordable and clean energy; jobs and economic growth; innovation and infrastructure; and climate action.


As the only U.S. trade association representing all aspects of the natural gas and oil value chain, API has a long history of supporting member operations in these areas. These include,我们的新API能源卓越program,证书safety training programs,和industry-led initiativestoreduce methane emissions and natural gas flaring. API帮助行业在所有运营过程中增强和扩展安全和可持续性文化。


治理和Strategy Venn Diagram


API帮助公司负责任地满足世界能源需求,并不断报告可持续性绩效。API及其合作伙伴:伊皮卡IOGP创建了“持续性Reporting Guidance for the Oil and Gas Industry,” now in its fourth edition, to aid companies in their sustainability reporting. These voluntary guidelines identify the most relevant sustainability issues to our industry and provide guidance for reporting on those issues. They provide a robust framework to help companies with their sustainability reporting, particularly for companies that are just starting to report.


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