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The average fracking job uses roughly4 million gallonsof water per well – or about as much water as New York City uses every six minutes and about每天都有1.3%的水上用水洗涤的水。That can vary by state, because the amount of water used in each hydraulic fracturing job depends on geology and a number of other factors. In California, for example, the average fracking job needed more than116,000 gallonsof water. Yet, that’s less than half the water used every day灌溉平均加利福尼亚高尔夫球场

也就是说,行业不断努力减少水的使用,在重用和回收技术中投入大量投资。这些努力正在工作。例如,在德克萨斯州的回收许可的请求中,2011年的每年不到两年30 approved applications in 2012。多于90 percent of flowback fluid– water that returns to the surface after fracturing – is being reused in the Marcellus region of Pennsylvania.