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The license application requires the applicant to certify that its product meet Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Marine Diesel Exhaust Fluid Program requirements. To become licensed, applicants must complete the following steps:

  1. 登录
  2. 确认电子邮件地址
  3. Enter company information
  4. 添加产品并选择要许可的DEC产品类型(DEF或MARINE DEF)
  5. Complete product information for the fluid or fluids to be licensed (brand names, supplier information, and traceability codes for packaged products). Note that API will not allow licensed company names or brand names that contain any reference to API, ISO, or any terms that infer API endorsement (for example, the terms “certified,” “approved,” “licensed,” “accredited,” “endorsed,” “qualified,” “verified,” etc.).
  6. 完整详细的配方信息(物理和化学性质)
  7. Upload supporting test documentation
  8. Submit the product
  9. Sign the API License Agreement
  10. 生成应用程序发票
  11. 支付申请费并输入必要的付款信息
  12. 根据需要添加其他产品

For help with a DEF application or an account, you can download the定义User Guide


申请人可能无法在任何产品上显示API柴油机排气流体认证标记或API船用柴油机排气流体证明标记,或者在申请人签署法律协议,支付了申请费和从产品许可的API Online系统收到通知。

API assesses an application fee of $7,500 USD for all new applicants。此申请费的支付使营销人员能够申请DEF或海洋DEF许可证或两者营销人员可以根据需要提交尽可能多的产品的申请。

API评估年度续期费为7,500美元。Licensees must renew annually before the license expires on March 31.

API还评估了每加仑API牌照的每年0.001美元的年度版税费用。当爸爸rt of the renewal process, the licensee must submit volumes of API-licensed DEF sold during the previous year of licensing. If licensed in both programs, the licensee must report the volumes of DEF and Marine DEF separately. The licensee will be able to submit volumes and complete the renewal after January 1 of each year.

Licensing fees go toward helping API:

  • 证明污染防止行业认可标准
  • 监控市场中API认证DEF的质量
  • 实时维护许可证人目录
  • 强制执行DEF许可计划要求

新的定义fee structure—effective December 15, 2015—is shown below and can be downloaded. Licensing fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

费用类型 Fee (USD)
License application fee (DEF and Marine DEF brands) $7,500
许可续签费(DEF和海洋DEF品牌) $7,500
Additional renewal fee based on volume 每美制加仑0.001美元



Every license issued is testament to your conviction to the environment, your assurance of quality, and your dedication to meeting EPA diesel engine emissions requirements. With an API DEF License, you can show your customers first-hand that you believe in manufacturing DEF that meets rigorous industry requirements for DEF performance.