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Pipeline SMS Annual Report Highlights Implementation Progress in 2020

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RAPID CITY, SD, April 23, 2021 – Today, the Pipeline Safety Management Systems (Pipeline SMS) Industry Team released the2020 Annual Report, detailing industry’s progress implementing API Recommended Practice (RP) 1173,管道安全管理系统。该行业团队有助于促进液体和天然气管道运营商的持续旅程,以及承包商社区达到零事件。虽然2020年为我国呈现出历史性障碍,但管道行业继续证明其承诺实施RP 1173,定期评估计划成熟,衡量安全文化和闭幕差距。

“Far from letting the impact of COVID-19 deter us from our mission in 2020, the pipeline industry used the Pipeline SMS framework to support our response to the pandemic,” said John Hill, vice president of natural gas system safety with Black Hills Energy and Industry Team chair. “You will see great examples throughout the annual report highlighting the importance of developing consistent and resilient processes using API RP 1173 to prepare for and respond to adversity.”

Balancing a global pandemic, social distancing, and remote work, the pipeline industry exhibited significant increases in the number of companies advanced their SMS maturity by:

  • 调查安全文化(22%),
  • 进行差距评估(上涨26%),
  • Developing closure plans (up 24 percent),
  • 进行内部管理审查(上涨21%),和
  • Maintaining a method to evaluate SMS maturity (up 24 percent).

在未来几个月,行业团队期待着聘请利益攸关方讨论行业的进步和联合代表团:一个行业,一个目标,零事件。访问查看2020 Annual Report并了解更多。

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